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Oxford County employees' pay stubs go paperless

by Christopher Crosby, Staff Writer Sun Journal Sept. 17, 2014

PARIS — The county will herald its change to a biweekly pay period for employees by offering a paperless receipt for paycheck stubs.

Oxford County is shifting how its 80-plus employees receive their statements in order to save payroll and paper expenses.

Unveiled at the commissioners' monthly meeting Tuesday, the paycheck receipt is almost identical to the stubs now received by employees.

The electronic version, which would be emailed to employees and accessed through a Social Security number verification, will be rolled out on a voluntary pilot basis beginning Oct. 3. 

"We'll reduce redundant administrative actions associated with payroll by freeing up employees' time," county Administrator Scott Cole said. 

Cole said the change, which was announced to employees beforehand, was met with a mixed response and unanswered questions over how the decision may apply to the county's collective bargaining agreement with staff. 

The move is expected to save $375 to $400 annually in paper supplies and an additional $780 in labor. 

The biweekly pay period will begin Jan. 2. 

The move appears to streamline the county's payroll process, which officials grappled with earlier this year after finding some inaccuracies with procedures

As part of the plan, the county shifted to electronic timekeeping rather than having employees submit paper time cards.


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