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County given land near    regional airport

County switching deeds    records company

Commission Meeting    schedule Aug-Dec 2014

Airport future discussed

Commissioners okay    electronic timekeeping

County takes over airport

 2014 final budget OK'd

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County tax levy by towns

2015 Oxford County Budget


The Oxford County Commissioners will hold a public hearing on both the proposed 2015 county budget, and FY16 unorganized territory budget, beginning at 6 p.m. Tuesday, October 21, 2014 in the Commissioners' office within the courthouse at 26 Western Ave. in South Paris. The public is welcome with written comment, oral comment, and questions encouraged. Copies of these budgets are available at the Commissioners' office and at www.oxfordcounty.org. Light fare will be available prior to the hearing.

Caldwell Jackson, Chairman
Steven M. Merrill
David A. Duguay

Notice of Oct. 21
Public Hearing

2015 Oxford County Budget Proposal

FY 16 UT
Budget Proposal

Stairs, repairs bulk of increases in proposed budget

by Christopher Crosby, Staff Writer Sun Journal Oct. 8, 2014

PARIS — Oxford County departments are requesting an additional 7 percent in funding — a $.05 tax increase — in a first glance at the 2015 budget.

Courthouse steps
The majority of the 7 percent increase proposed by departments in Oxford County's 2015 budget is building maintenance, including the stairs in front of the courthouse at 26 Western Ave. in Paris.

The county tax represents the smallest of the three claimants on residents' property tax bills.

The 2015 proposal seeks $405,097 more from residents than last year — from $5,273,965 to $5,679,062. It would fully fund current programming and add two new positions if the budget proposal passes.

At $385,000, capital expenditures on building improvements comprise the lion's share of that request.

The proposal calls for launching a $500,000, four-year plan to weatherproof the courthouse's brick exterior at $125,000 a year, $100,000 of which would be split between roof repairs and renovations to the district attorney's office. 


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