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At the edge of retirement, county Jail Administrator Quinn looks back

by Anne Sheehan, staff editor Advertiser-Democrat April 20, 2017

Counting the weeks – six – to his retirement, Jail Administrator Lt. Edward Quinn, 59, of Otisfield, refuses to talk about his early life (simply saying it was tough), instead recalling 1980 saying, “that’s when life began.”

“When I was fortunate enough to work for Sheriff Alton Howe, that’s when life began.”

He was 23.

Ed Quinn
Lt. Edward Quinn

“My good friend Willie Buffington was taking courses through the sheriff’s office in the reserve officer program and his wife was trained as a matron for female inmates,” Quinn recalls.

“Willie had to do a shift at the jail because they were shorthanded and he asked if I wanted to come along. I did and loved it.”

He worked part time at the jail starting in 1980 and in March 1981, went on full time.

Quinn says had he not gone to work for the jail, his next area of interest was in long-haul trucking.

“Boy am I glad I didn’t do that and be away from family!”

He went through the Criminal Justice Academy Corrections Officer training and has maintained his certification annually.



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