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Oxford County commissioners discuss options for airport future

by Peter McGuire, Staff Writer Sun Journal April 23, 2014

OXFORD — It has been almost three weeks since Oxford County commissioners seized control of the county buildings at the Oxford County Regional Airport and their to-do list already is at 11 items and growing.

Among the top concerns is working with stakeholders, including Community Concepts and the Internal Revenue Service, to determine how to dispose of the equipment and material left by the previous tenant, Oxford Aviation.

Airport clean-up could be expensive
Empty paint product containers and a private aircraft are some of the many items left behind at the former headquarters of Oxford Aviation at the Oxford County Regional Airport in Oxford.

Also urgent is determining how to proceed with a possibly expensive environmental cleanup operation, repairs to the leaking roof and a thorough assessment of the building's heating, water and ventilation systems.

At the commissioners' meeting at the county building Tuesday, County Administrator Scott Cole said that Oxford Aviation owner Jim Horowitz, who was evicted from the facility earlier this month after a lengthy legal battle, has yet to claim any of the property in the facility.

County officials have created an inventory, including photos and videos, of remaining property and have given Horowitz a week to claim it or relinquish his rights.

Cole said the commissioners' office intends to work closely with Community Concepts Finance Corp., which reportedly reached a settlement with Horowitz last year to reclaim $62,500 in collateral put up in loans Horowitz never repaid.

Glen Holmes, director of the Western Maine Economic Development Council, a CCFC offshoot, would not discuss the terms of the settlement at the meeting, but noted that the Internal Revenue Service and claimants in at least one lawsuit were next in line to pick over the company's remaining assets at the airport.

Environmental remediation is also a key concern for commissioners.



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