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Signs 'idiot-proof' rough road

by Terry Karkos, Staff Writer Sun Journal April 4, 2015

ANDOVER — Efforts to stop Canadian and out-of-state tractor-trailer drivers from following their GPS devices during winter from New Hampshire to Route 2 via Upton and Andover appear to be working, Oxford County Administrator Scott Cole said Friday.East B Hill

Earlier this winter, the county erected large orange signs at either end of East B Hill Road, also called the Upton Road. The signs read, "Do Not Use GPS."

The road that connects Route 26 in Upton to Andover at the intersection of Routes 5 and 120 is narrow and in poor condition. It's easier and shorter to take Route 26 from Upton to Route 2 in Bethel than to take East B Hill Road to Andover and follow Routes 5 or 120 to Route 2.

"We were having repeated problems with tractor-trailer truck drivers using their GPS when their trucks were either empty or loaded and going from Errol, N.H., to Andover," Cole said.

Because the road isn't maintained much in the winter, drivers were getting stuck on icy hills, often blocking the road.


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