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Officials say drug agents
needed in Oxford County

by Leslie Dixon, Staff Writer Sun Journal Oct. 22, 2014

PARIS — Oxford County police and Sheriff's Department officials say heroin continues to be the drug of choice and at the root of most, if not all, serious crimes.

It's available, it's very cheap and Oxford County lacks sufficient resources to appropriately respond to the problem, according to Oxford County law enforcement officials.

More drug agents needed
Fryeburg police Chief Josh Potvin, left, and Mexico police Chief Roy Hodsdon listen to a discussion at the annual meeting with  the Oxford County commissioners in Paris on Tuesday. Town and county law enforcement personnel said more drug agents are needed to combat a growing heroin problem.

“The drug problem has an effect on all of us and how we do our business,” said Oxford County Sheriff Wayne Gallant, who has lobbied for additional drug agents for years.

In addition to Gallant and Chief Deputy Hart Daley from the Sheriff's Office, Paris police Chief Michael Madden, Rumford police Chief Stacy Carter, Fryeburg police Chief Josh Potvin, Mexico police Chief Roy Hodsdon and Fryeburg Lt. Mike McAllister convened Tuesday morning to discuss topics of concern during their annual meeting with the county commissioners.

“We have a huge drug problem. There's lots of heroin,” Carter told commissioners.


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