Oxford County, Maine

• Full-time Dispatcher job    Opening

• Courthouse expansion to    double space

• Courthouse work set to    begin soon

• Cordwell sounds his last    tones as county dispatcher

• Communications Center    fully restored

• Jail administrator quinn    recognized for his service

• New transport vehicle OK'd

• Commissioners ok contract    for courthouse rehab

• When the lights went out...

• Airport building needs    major rehab

• Administrator Cole no    longer 'from away'

• 2016 tax committment by    towns

• enacted 2016 budget

 911 dispatch - the glue    that  binds emergency    services

Keeping the complex running
smoothly for 28 years

By A. M. Sheehan Editor Advertiser-Democrat Aug. 3, 2017

PARIS - Counties, and towns, often run smoothly often not only because of the faces you meet when tending to business but because of the ones you don't see.

At the Oxford County Courthouse complex that face is Hazel Paakkonen's.

Hazel retires

SURPRISE! - Hazel Paakkonen throws up her hand s in excitement as her coworkers shout “surprise” at her retirement party Wednesday, July 26, celebrating her 28 years with Oxford County.

Twenty-eight years ago, Paakkonen came to work as the custodian for the complex, which consists of four buildings plus the Fryeburg Register of Deeds, and last week she retired.

“I grew up in Windham and ended up working at the shoe shop [factory] - Norway Footwear - in the early '80s. That's where I met my husband, Jimmie, and we were married in 1989 and have been together ever since!”

“I used to know Mack McAllister, who worked in the county maintenance department and then for the shoe shop and he asked me if I would apply for the custodian's job.

I did and got the job.”

In 1987, she says, she worked part time/full time.

“In other words, as many hours a week as was needed.” In 1989 she went full time. “It was just me and I loved it!”


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