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Oxford County collaboration targeting domestic violence, sex assault cases

by Christopher Crosby, Staff Writer Sun Journal Oct. 31, 2014

PARIS — Domestic violence and sexual assault crimes are increasing, but a collaborative effort is targeting prosecutions to increase convictions in Oxford County.

Launched in December 2013 through a $781,800 grant to Lewiston-based Safe Voices, law enforcement, prosecutors and community groups in Oxford County are collaborating to increase the number of convictions and bring relief to victims. 

Alex Winters
Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Winter is one of three state prosecutors in Oxford County, and the only one to focus solely on domestic violence and sex-based crimes. 

The three-year grant paved the way to hire Assistant District Attorney Alexandra Winter, the county's newest prosecutor, to specifically target cases of domestic violence and sexual assault. 

"We went for the grant because we had been hearing the police departments (express) their frustration that the domestic violence caseload was so large," Winter said. 

On a monthly basis, Winters said she reviews between 20 to 30 new cases. Crucial to prosecuting those, she said, are bail conditions separating the parties to allow time to interview the victim. Sometimes victims call to report abuse and want to see the cases prosecuted; just as often though a bystander calls police, only to have the abused person reluctant to speak. 


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