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County recognizes Jail Administrator Quinn

By Matthew Daigle Staff Writer Advertiser-Democrat May 18, 2017       Quinn retires

SOUTH PARIS — Oxford County Jail, Sheriff's Office, Regional Communications Center and other county employees gathered at the Oxford County courthouse Tuesday afternoon, May 16, to honor Oxford County Jail Administrator Ed Quinn, who is retiring at the end of the month.

Ed Quinn retires
Representative and former Sheriff Lloyd 'Skip' Herrick Shook Ed Quinn's hand during his retirement party Tuesday afternoon, May 16, at the Oxford County courthouse. Quinn has worked at the jail since 1980 and as jail administrator since 2010. He is planning to retire at the end of May.

Quinn has worked at the jail since 1980 and in the position of jail administrator since 2010.

Sheriff Wayne Gallant pulled rank on Quinn at the start of his speech, pointing to a chair and telling Quinn, "I'm still Sheriff, and you're still the captain, so I want you to sit down and listen." As Quinn smiled, Gallant picked up a book from a table behind him. He turned to a page near the front and read, "You are a wonderful, worthy, lovable person." "No one has ever been or ever will be quite like you," Gallant continued.

"All those things that make you uniquely you make you deserving of love and praise." Gallant set the book down and said, "The reason I read that is because when I first came here, Ed was a lieutenant, and he'd tell me every day, 'This whole place stinks. I'll never make it to retirement.' I decided I had to do something, so every day, when Ed came into my office, I'd read him a poem."

As the audience of friends and family laughed, Gallant continued, "A couple of weeks later, there was a change in how he held himself. I decided I had to read something one last time, since I haven't done it in awhile."

Later, Paris Rep. Lloyd 'Skip' Herrick, who served as sheriff before Gallant, presented Quinn with a flag, and said that it was a 'real pleasure' to work with Quinn. 'Ed was always one of my go-to people,' Herrick said. 'He was a person I counted on on a daily basis for whatever I needed.'

Following Herrick's speech, Rep. Kathleen Dillingham of Oxford presented Quinn with a legislative sentiment.